Did Patriots present honor student with gag gift?

Thu, May 6

The NFL's "Play 60" fitness program might not be quite as cool as it looks.

The New England Patriots brought the program to Lebanon Middle School in Connecticut. One Patriot, actually. To work with the kids, the team sent an intern with an aerobics video.

The Pats have taken heat for not having players on hand in Lebanon, but that wasn't their biggest faux pas. That was giving the school's "most dedicated student" a Fred Taylor jersey. Taylor has been in the league longer than many of the students have been alive. In 2010, we suspect the only person to own a Patriots' Fred Taylor jersey was Taylor himself.

Either the Pats forgot to bring the real prize, or they just dug out what they could find in an old storage closet. Still, they could've done better than a Fred Taylor jersey. Look at all the cool possibilities:

• Electric razor, copy of "Going for It! How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur" by Victor Kiam

• Scott Zolak rookie card

• Bill Parcells' grocery list

• 1963 Boston Patriots AFL runner-up T-shirt

• Empty 2005 Super Bowl ring box

• Size medium Patriots hoodie with "McDaniels" stitched over the heart

• Cap and Zubaz pants, game-worn by Tony Eason

• Steve Grogan's neck roll

• Afternoon with Rod Rust