Here's our top 5 sports quotes about math

Sat, May 8

Sometimes the quotes of great sports figures don't add up (pun intended).

Listed below are five very funny quotes from my website about the perils of athletes and math.

Top Five Math Sports Quotes

1. "You only get a once in a lifetime opportunity so many times."

-- Ike Taylor, Steelers cornerback, on starting an exhibition game

2. "I have two secret weapons -- my legs, my arms and my brain."

-- Michael Vick

3. "Pitching is 80 percent of the game, the other half is hitting and fielding."

-- Mickey Rivers

4. "I figured at this point, we'd be .500."

-- Jim Valvano, on North Carolina State starting the season at 5-0

5. "Two grand slams in a week -- that's 7 or 8 ribbies right there."

-- Bill Madlock said to Al Oliver