No surprise to see Mark Cuban going 'Wild'

Sat, May 8

So Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban beat Sacramento Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof to being the first pro owner to publicly partner with the "Girls Gone Wild" franchise. The Maloof Brothers may own The Palms, where a lot of girls go wild, but Cuban owns HDNet, which will premiere "Girls Gone Wild Presents: Search for the Hottest Girl in America" Friday, as part of its "Guys Night In" lineup.

The GGW franchise is maligned by some (maybe many) as chauvinistic and exploitative of the barely-legals they tape showing their goodies. You might think that a typical owner of a professional sports franchise would want to steer clear of any association with GGW, but Cuban -- in his jeans and T-shirts, yelling at refs, celebrating on the court after wins like a super fan -- has been a relative frat boy compared to most of his fellow owners, who tend be either aristocratic or low-key stodgefests.

Not only is it not surprising for Cubes (see, we even call him Cubes) to roll with GGW, you wonder what else might turn up on his "Guys Night In" lineup. A PTI-style debate show with David Stern? Round-robin, death-cage MMA bouts with the refs? What about revamping his failed reality show, "The Benefactor," this time with Playboy Bunnies?

Don't put it past him to host a new-millennium remake of MTV's old dance show "The Grind?" Cubes is not Jerry Reinsdorf. Remember, this billionaire owner is a dude that dressed up like a genie and did the samba on "Dancing With The Stars."