Kenny Mayne gives his thoughts on Erin Andrews

Mon, May 10

With only a couple of weeks remaining, we're down to five celebrities -- ESPN personality Erin Andrews, singer Nicole Scherzinger, Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek, actress Niecy Nash and football player Chad Ochocinco -- in ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

Last week, Andrews, along with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, survived elimination and now must focus on getting more of the audience vote. Monday night they will be performing one unlearned ballroom dance and also a Latin dance.

Andrews has survived longer than ESPN coworker Kenny Mayne, who danced in Season 2 and was knocked out the first week of eliminations.

So Page 2 decided to reach out to Mayne to get his thoughts on Andrews.

How well do you think Erin is doing?

What do you mean? I was knocked off in the first week. Was that even on TV? I clearly outdanced Master P. I guess it was the American public that let me down. My demo is in Iceland.

So have you given up dancing?

I still do pretend "Dancing With the Stars" with my daughters. Wait. We don't do that any longer. We did that when they used to worship me. Like four years ago. The only time I dance is at weddings and only if it is to Stevie Wonder or "Love Shack" by the B-52s.

How do you think Erin will be if she wins the whole thing?

Erin seems to be eating this up. If she wins, I see her leaving ESPN and going on the road with this dance thing. She'll do small arena events, cruise ships. It's in her blood.

And have you reached out to her since she got on the show?

I sent her a text wishing her well but didn't hear back from her. Hollywood.