Landon Donovan talks 'Cup', FLO TV, underwear

Thu, May 13

What a week for Landon Donovan.

The most famous soccer player in the United States -- not named David Beckham -- is expected to lead the United States in the World Cup starting June 11.

But this past week, Donovan:

• was named to the preliminary U.S. World Cup roster.

• was named Major League Soccer Player of the Week for the L.A. Galaxy.

• was named national spokesman for Flo TV's coverage of World Cup.

• was shown half-naked in the June issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

"For the past six months, interest has grown tremendously, and people are excited about our sport and especially this World Cup," Donovan said. "It's something I haven't experienced before."

Donovan, 28, was born in California and always had a knack for playing soccer. He joined his first league at the age of 5 and scored seven goals in his first game. And he hasn't stopped scoring since. But the upcoming World Cup in South Africa is something special.

"I'm really just happy to be a part of it," Donovan said. "World Cup is the only thing I saw growing up, unlike today's youth, who can watch soccer all over television from around the world. I can't really explain how special it is to me."

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