Page 2 looks at history of drug problems in cycling

Fri, May 21
Pee Wee HermanPeter Sorel/Warner Bros./Getty ImagesMaybe Floyd Landis was right: There is a huge drug problem in cycling.

Floyd Landis is now the latest to accuse Lance Armstrong of cheating. While Armstrong is still presumed innocent by many, it can't be denied that cycling has a serious drug problem. Even the most iconic cyclists of all-time have suspicions around them.


Kevin Bacon in "Quicksilver" -- One day he's a stock trader, the next he's the fastest bike messenger in Manhattan? Unlikely. He had to be using something. And if there's any place in history where drugs were more prevalent than on the international cycling tour, it was 1980s New York City.

Elliott in "E.T." -- Flying? On a bike? I don't think so, kid. You're lucky WADA hasn't developed a test yet for alien.

Everyone in "The Goonies" -- There was a lot of bike-riding in that movie. And Corey Feldman was in the cast, so you know they had access to a whole bunch of stuff. Oh, and the guy who played the massive, deformed Sloth? John Matuszak. Of the Oakland Raiders. Yeah, that confirms it. The craft services table during this shoot was probably nothing but steroids.

Bear on a unicycle at the circus -- 500-foot home runs, men speeding up the Alps on bicycles, a Grizzly on unicycle: some things just don't feel right or seem natural. And for good reason. We need to trust our instincts. Think about it: bears have big heads, excessive hair growth and are prone to fits of aggression and rage. Steroids!

Pee-Wee Herman -- Take a look at this clip. Yeah, I don't think Pee-Wee Herman was on steroids. It's just fun to see him fall down.