John Calipari talks about his ties to LeBron James

Mon, May 24

University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari joined 95.5 The Fan in Portland to talk about his thoughts on Terrence Jones choosing to play at Kentucky, how he feels about people saying that he shouldn't have recruited a kid that has already made a verbal commitment to another school, and his thoughts on the reports that he is being linked to LeBron James and possibly jumping to the NBA.

John Calipari
AP Photo/Ed ReinkeKentucky coach John Calipari has reloaded in Lexington with another top recruiting class.

His thoughts on the reports that he is being linked to LeBron James and possibly jumping to the NBA:

"Hopefully, my name is being brought up because we have five people in the draft and playing well and doing things in Chicago [at NBA predraft camp]. From DeMarcus to John Wall to Eric Bledsoe to Daniel Orton, all freshman, into Patrick Patterson. That stuff, what I said before, can't stop all the speculation and rumors and innuendo. What I have said is that I am going to be coaching at Kentucky and I will be at Kentucky next year. I am not out looking for jobs. I have got, in my opinion, the best job in the country. We are No. 1 in attendance. Our radio show post-game has 9,000 people. So our radio show ranks in the top 30 in attendance vs. other people's games. I mean it is crazy. We are on national television just about every game. We are on CBS five times and the other games are on ABC and ESPN. We are in the SEC. We have a very, very tough league. I mean I can't stop the speculation. LeBron and I are friends. That is what we are, but I have other players in the league that I have coached, I mean eight or 10 of them. So I don't know all of a sudden this became LeBron and Cal, and how that started. But obviously I am not going to answer everything that is thrown, and all of the speculation. I just said that 'Hey, I am going to be at Kentucky.'"

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