Frank McCourt needs Jon Lovitz to pay up -- now

Fri, May 28

If you owe Dodgers owner Frank McCourt money, it's time to ante up.

The Dodgers sued comedian Jon Lovitz after, according to the complaint, the comedian missed his first installment on a $95,400 bill for three premium season tickets. Though Lovitz's tickets were canceled, the Dodgers want him to pay for the seats.

Lovitz and filmmaker Steve Marlton (who the Dodgers say owes them more than $300,000) must not read the paper, because they should know now isn't the time to owe McCourt money. He's on the business end of a messy divorce that has him paying $637,000 per month in support. Not only that, but his estranged wife's lawyers have apparently found money he may be receiving in excess of his capped $5 million salary from the Dodgers.

And these guys thought they weren't going to have to pay up? Not even Richard Pryor in his prime -- let alone the 2010 model of Jon Lovitz -- was funny enough to joke his way out of this one. You'd have an easier time borrowing $100 from Eddy Curry than skipping out on a debt to McCourt at this point.

He's the Antoine Walker of owners. More than $400,000 -- roughly the sum of what Lovitz and Marlton owe -- of his monthly payment to his wife covers the mortgages on seven luxury homes.

Even Mike Tyson thinks McCourt has a cash flow problem.

So Lovitz and Marlton better pony up. McCourt has to keep the lights on in all "his" houses. For a month, at least.