Page 2 offers other small wagers for NBA Finals

Thu, Jun 3

In an effort to goad his "thin-chested" players into taking more offensive charges, Lakers coach Phil Jackson has reportedly been offering these millionaires $50 for each time they stand still on defense and let an opposing player run them over.

It bears repeating: Jackson is a master motivator, and he obviously believes that drawing charges against the Celtics in the NBA Finals will be quite beneficial to his team. But will charges really help decide this series? And what can Celtics' coach Doc Rivers learn from Jackson's carrot-on-a-stick approach?

Page 2 has compiled some additional financial incentives that would benefit the players and respective teams in the 2010 NBA Finals. A representative from each team could easily be assigned to track these occurrences and pay the participants accordingly. They are:

$10 to Rajon Rondo every time he makes a free throw.

$100 to Ron Artest every time he passes up an unneeded three-point shot.

$25 to Sasha Vujacic every time he makes a Celtics fan want to punch the television.

$50 to Phil Jackson every time he lets Kobe Bryant call the next offensive play.

$50 to Rasheed Wallace every time he crosses half court.

$75 to Pau Gasol every time he goads Kendrick Perkins into a technical foul.

$1 to Lamar Odom every time he makes it through a possession without getting called for illegal defense.

$100 to Kobe Bryant every time he calls a teammate by their real first name.