World Cup 2010 proposition bets are wacky

Fri, Jun 11

With the World Cup under way, even many causal soccer viewers have heard that Spain is the early tournament favorite. Serious fans can handicap group play and rattle off projected leading goal scorers. But it's unlikely that even the most diehard soccer supporter could give you the in-depth betting lines of British bookmaker Paddy Power.

Here are the odds you really need to know:

Who will Diego Maradona insult first?
Lest you think this is a joke, the conditions of the bet are clearly presented. The insulting must take place at an official news conference, and insults doled out before the tournament begins do not count. A referee/official for an Argentina match is the overwhelming 11-8 favorite. Host country South Africa comes in next at 2-1. The media (keep in mind this a man that once fired an air rifle at a group of journalists) rounds out the top three at 3-1.

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