Wrestler Chris Jericho is ready for his 'Downfall'

Mon, Jun 21

Pro wrestler Chris Jericho is never going over the edge.

Don't ask him to. He won't do it. He's seen too much as the host of a new ABC show called, "Downfall," a show where if contestants can't answer a question, they -- or the potential prizes that they could have won -- literally will get dropped from over the edge.

The show premieres on Tuesday, and Page 2 caught up with Jericho recently to find out about his fearless moments, how he's gotten over his own downfalls and what he would put up on a conveyor belt to drop over the edge of a rooftop.

Why'd you want to host this show?

"When I first heard about the show and the concept, I was intrigued at the prospect of what it could be. It's a big show. It's a huge opportunity for me and when I saw the actual stage set up itself, I just couldn't believe how massive it was. It looked like something U2 would play on in a giant stadium. Plus everybody has a primal urge when you're a kid and drop something off the rooftop and see if it breaks or not. You want to see it smash into a thousand pieces."

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