Page 2 looks at top 5 quotes about Wimbledon

Sat, Jun 26

These five top Wimbledon quotes are from my book, "Tennis Shorts, 1001 of the Games Funniest One Liners."

Top Five Wimbledon Quotes

1. "Just about every day I think of tennis, and tennis is Wimbledon."

-- Martina Navratilova, on her love of Wimbledon

2. "This is where my heart it, no matter where in the world I am. I know and love every inch of that court. It's my place.

-- Billie Jean King, on Centre Court at Wimbledon

3. "It's always the same. Either it's rainy with sunny intervals or sunny with rainy intervals."

-- Patrick Dupre, on the weather at Wimbledon

4. "You can find anything you want to know about a person by putting him on the Centre Court. It has a lot to do with your breaking point."

-- John Newcombe, on Centre Court at Wimbledon

5. "Faulty celestial plumbing was an accepted feature, like strawberries and cream."

-- Bud Collins, on the rain at Wimbledon

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