Page 2 needs readers to tell us eating stories

Tue, Jun 29

Say it ain't so, Takeru!

Takeru Kobayashi, the "Babe Ruth of Competitive Eating," will not compete in this year's Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island because of a contract dispute?

First of all, who knew these guys had contracts? Didn't we all assume the competitors were there simply for the love of the game? Don't you have to be dedicated if you attempt to eat more than 60 hot dogs (and buns) in 12 minutes?

Why not just hand the Mustard Yellow Belt to Joey Chestnut, who has beaten Kobayashi and everyone else the last three years?

Granted, it's unlikely anyone else will beat Chestnut this weekend but that hardly means he is the only person who responds to the challenge of competitive eating. We are asking you for your best sports-and-food stories. Many have already responded but we are still looking for more.

Send your best competitive eating experience to me at Please include your first name, last initial and your location in case your earn a few seconds of competitive eating fame on Thursday in our follow-up report. Most food, strangest food, oddest circumstance. We want your story.

Looks like Takeru choked but we can't say the same about you, can we?