More votes needed for top summer sports movie

Tue, Jul 6

The votes are flowing in. What is the all-time greatest summer sports flick?

Of course, before you can cast your vote, you must ask yourself what are the requirements to be a great summer sports movie. Surely it must do the following:

• Be released in the summer -- and that means in a theater. Any flick that goes straight to the "view instantly" list on Netflix is not likely to be a winner.

• Be about summer sports. Of course I say "sports" can range from gladiatorial competition to cheerleading showdowns, so I'm an easy judge.

• Be entertaining enough that there is no popcorn still in your bag at the end of the flick. And certainly no "reversal of fortune."

With those simple rules in mind we want you to tell us your choice for greatest all-time summer sports flick -- along with a sentence or two in defense of your pick. Also, because we have a cruel streak, you can submit your choice for the worst summer sports flick. (Yes, "Major League III -- Back to the Minors," we could be thinking of you.)

Just to get your juices flowing, here are my favorite summer sports flicks. You can vote for any of these or any other. For example, "Sandlot" seems to be getting some hard-to-understand love.

My top 10: A League of Their Own (1992) -- Tin Cup (1996) -- Karate Kid (1984) -- Bring It On (2000) -- Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) -- Gladiator (2000) -- Endless Summer (1966) --Breaking Away (1979) -- Caddyshack (1980) -- Bull Durham (1988).

Worst? My vote goes to "Field of Dreams," because "Rudy" doesn't qualify.

You know the drill. Write me at and then come back Thursday to get the definitive list so that you will never have to wonder about the greatest summer sports flick again. Life will be so much easier then.