There is a New World Order in the NBA

Fri, Jul 9

There's a New World Order in the NBA.

By joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, LeBron James has turned NBA heel. The people of Cleveland torched his jersey Thursday night. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was sent into a typographical rage. Pretty much everyone outside of South Beach has turned on the King.

LeBron's announcement was the basketball equivalent of what Hulk Hogan did in 1996 at the WCW Bash at The Beach. The Hulkster turned on Randy Savage and joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form NWO.

And just as Hogan traded his red and yellow tights for black and white ones with lightning bolts, LeBron will don the flamed black and white jersey of the Heat.

Unfortunately for the people of Ohio though, this isn't fake.