Spain's top 10 moments in national sports history

Mon, Jul 12
Spain CelebratesValeria Witters/Witters Sport/US PresswireWhere does the 2010 World Cup championship rank among Spain's all-time sports highlights?

Why did Spain's players stubbornly refuse to sing their national anthem before taking the pitch against the Netherlands in the World Cup final?

Because the famous Marcha Real, perhaps the oldest national anthem in the world, has no words. The joke is that had there been lyrics to the melody, gunfights might break out over the singer's preferred regional language.

But Sunday's overtime victory has made Spain whole; it's now one nation under the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The Catalans, Basques and Castilians are united by the greatest sporting triumph of their nation.

Over the years, Spanish teams and individuals have enjoyed many great victories. These, in descending order, are Spain's 10 best:

10. 1989 French Open

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, 17, pulled off a stunning upset of Steffi Graf in the women's final. Sanchez Vicario's victory handed Graf her only defeat in nine consecutive Slam tournaments and denied her a sixth consecutive Grand Slam title.

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