Jamie Foxx interested in hosting ESPYs again

Tue, Jul 13

Jamie Foxx has hosted the ESPYs three times -- 2002 through 2004 -- and wouldn't mind another chance.

"Of course, I'd do it again," said Foxx, who appears in the ESPN Roadtrip clip above. "I love ESPN and the ESPYs."

Foxx was hanging out Monday night at the fourth annual Sports Dream Celebrity Poker and Pool Party at the Playboy Mansion to kick off the ESPY week in Los Angeles. Other people partying were Amare Stoudemire, Apolo Ohno, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian, Quinton Aaron and Ryan Sheckler.

So, why was Foxx there?

"I'm here for scripture readings," Foxx said. "I need to get closer to Christ."

Joking aside, Foxx said he's a big admirer of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

"He's a business visionary, and I know everything about Playboy's history, and I'm serious," Foxx said. "I could tell you the origins of the magazine and all his relationships and how this house came to be. I'm a historian."

But, truthfully, Foxx, are you partying?

"Those days are in my past," Foxx said. "Before camera phones, I would be enjoying myself in the grotto. But not anymore!"