NBA Summer League makes us miss the hoopla

Mon, Jul 26

LAS VEGAS -- Tired of hype? Sick of glitz and glamour, flash and slickness?

Me too. Yet after spending an afternoon at the NBA's Summer League, I have troubling news to report.

The only thing worse than Sports Cheese is … no Sports Cheese.

John Wall
AP Photo/Laura RauchJohn Wall displayed his skills in their purest form in the NBA Summer League.

Let me explain.

I came to get away. To escape. Pummeled by pre-game pyrotechnics … failing bracketology 101 … adrift in a sea of breaking news bottom lines … overwhelmed by mascots, buff dunking mascots and buff dunking mascots jumping off trampolines … wondering if I actually watched LeBron James stammer about taking his talents to South Beach, or if Leonardo DiCaprio sneakily inserted the whole bizarre scene into my dreams, I flew across the country, ending up in the one place where the game remains a game. Pure and unadorned.


Cox Pavilion.

Summer league.

Was I hoping to see ballyhooed Washington Wizards guard and No. 1 overall NBA draft pick John Wall? Sure. I read the papers, the web, watch waaaay too many televised highlights.

But that wasn't my primary motivation.

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