Pairing of T.O., Ochocinco is reality TV show heaven

Wed, Jul 28

You thought this was about football, didn't you?

You thought that the teaming of Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens in Cincinnati was about the Bengals challenging the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets for the AFC crown and possibly turning them into the New Orleans Saints of 2011, didn't you?

You are so wrong.

See, what's really going on here is the beginning of reality TV heaven, the pilot for what will be the greatest reality show since "Flavor Of Love." It's called "The Ochocinco/Ochouno Project."

Everyday, a new story will break. If not, T.O and Chad will create one.

Owens and Ocho will "act" as if football is the reason they decided to join forces. Every week we'll see the greatest acting job in television history. Drama too good to be fake. Or faked.

Just the premise of this has the producers of "HBO: Hard Knocks" kicking themselves. They never saw this one coming. Neither did we. But T.O. and Chad?

They had this planned once they started making guest appearances on each other's reality shows on VH1. Forget "Dancing With the Stars," they saw the bigger picture. They saw Emmys instead of Super Bowl rings.

It's one of the most brilliant television concepts ever. And it's going to have us all hooked.

T.O. and Chad will make sure of that.

And if all else fails, there's one more cast member they can bring in who would fit in better with them than Antonio Bryant: Omarosa.