Lane Kiffin: My mouth can get me into trouble

Wed, Jul 28

Lane Kiffin.

Vilified. Controversial. Funny?

"My 5-year-old daughter, Landry, for some reason, tries to get under my skin all the time," said the new coach for USC, who along with other Pac-10 coaches visited ESPN's campus in Connecticut on Wednesday. "She likes to run around and say her favorite person in the NFL is … Al Davis. I don't know where she got that idea from."

"Davis" would be the Oakland Raiders owner who hired Kiffin in 2007 -- making him the youngest head coach in modern NFL history -- and then, a year later, fired him and then went on national TV to rake him over the coals.

"It wasn't me who told her that!" said Kiffin's wife, Layla.

Kiffin quipped: "Hey, I don't think she's part of the interview. She's eating."

Is this the new Lane Kiffin, the coach who has stepped in it a little too much and talked about it a little too much?

"It doesn't fit my personality to be quiet," said Kiffin, who has come under fire at every stop in his coaching career. "I don't want to keep saying 'no comment' to everyone. So I'm very open and to a fault. It's really hurt me over time."

You think?

The son of legendary NFL defensive coach Monte Kiffin, Lane parlayed spending five years with USC as an assistant coach into 20 games as Oakland Raiders coach, one year at the University of Tennessee and now at one of the most storied programs in the nation. And he left those previous two coaching jobs under acrimonious circumstances.

Page 2: Why in the world would you put yourself through this today?

Kiffin: "It's just part of the job. This is the world I live in. Right, wrong, indifferent. I just need to get to next week. That's when we get to practice.

Do you realized you're hated?

"That's your world. I don't hear that stuff. That's not what I deal with on a daily basis. In this profession, people tell you what you want to hear most of the time. That's 99 percent of the people I deal with. They tell me everything is great. I don't have to hear from bloggers or writers out there. I don't deal with it."

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