Matthew Berry's own 'Jersey Shore' drinking game

Thu, Jul 29

Season 2 of "Jersey Shore" on MTV starts Thursday, so if you are of legal drinking age, I say you do a shot every time …

1. The Situation shows the abs. References the abs. Tries to use the abs to get girls and fails. Or succeeds. Look, bottom line, you see the abs? Glug, glug.

2. When Ronnie throws a punch, you drink some.

3. JWoww stars in another Cleavage Cabaret.

4. DJ Pauly D refers to himself in the third person, like so: Yo, I can't help it if chicks want to go home with DJ Pauly D. That's the power of playing music in a club. No one can do that like DJ Pauly D. I mean, DJ Pauly D picks the song all by himself and everything.

5. Any of them pump their fist. (Hint: The thing on top of Snooki's neck is not a fist.)

6. Three letters: GTL.

7. Snooki throws herself at a breathing mammal.

8. Reference is made to any of these relationships: Ronnie and Sammi's, JWoww and the dude back home, The Situation and a mirror.

9. When Ronnie drinks, you drink with the man.

10. Anyone in your group remembers that Vinny is on the show.

Can. Not. Wait.

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