Todd Burger, Denny McLain on All Fast-Food team

Sat, Jul 31

Please pull up to the first window and consume our latest product: Page 2's All Fast-Food Team. In an attempt to stay within recommended daily allowances of calories and post length, we have decided to suspend super-sizing at this time.

Todd Burger: Burger and cheese have been partnered for years, and New Jersey authorities said that was the case when they arrested Todd Burger, a former offensive lineman for the Bears and Jets, and charged him with collecting debts for one Anthony "Cheese" Pecoraro in 2007.

Rob Domino: He lasted only two pro seasons, but Domino knocked a few pitchers around and delivered a few big hits in his time with the Reds organization. He hit .302 with 39 RBI in 92 games in 1993 and '94.

Guy Forget, Ray Guy, Guy Morton, Guy Lafleur and Guy Boros: That's five sports -- tennis, football, baseball, hockey and golf -- for Five Guys, the consortium of hamburgers and fries that has grown from six locations in 2002 to more than 600 today.

Bob Fry: In the 1960 expansion draft, the Dallas Cowboys decided they did want a Fry with that, and they selected Bob Fry off the Los Angeles Rams' roster.

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