Who did not pass NFL conditioning test?

Sat, Aug 7

1. Which of the following sports media members did not pass the same conditioning test given to Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth?

(a) Washington, D.C., sports television host Ivan Carter

(b) ESPN radio host Mike Golic

(c) Online NFL writer Michael David Smith

(d) Sixty-one year old national affairs magazine writer James Fallows

(e) Howard Cosell

2. FBI fraud investigators reportedly crashed:

(a) A sports memorabilia convention in Baltimore

(b) Yankee Stadium on Wednesday afternoon

3. Seattle Seahawks defensive end Quinn Pitcock reportedly overcame an addiction to video games by:

(a) Receiving treatment for underlying depression

(b) Playing "Superman 64"

4. Brett Favre will:

(a) Reply hazy, try again

(b) Better not tell you now

(c) Concentrate and try again

(d) Cannot predict now

(e) Ask again later

5. Tiger Woods : goatee

(a) Mel Gibson: opening mouth near telephone

(b) Foreign armies: invading Russia in winter

(c) Coca-Cola: New Coke

(d) Jon Stewart: goatee

(e) All of the above

Answer key: 1, e; 2-3, a; 4, all answers valid; 5, e.