Readers react to list of best, worst sports months

Mon, Aug 9
Drew BreesAP Photo/Eric GayIt's riveting when the confetti falls at the Super Bowl. But then there's six months without football.

We're glad so many of you offered feedback on our recent article ranking the months of the sports calendar.

Many of you asked why events such as the World Cup and Olympics were not included. Sorry, they're not annual events. Some of you had qualms about the sports we did include.

"I don't have a problem with your list so much as your use of NASCAR and IndyCar in the rankings. Is it really a sport if you sit in a padded chair and an engine does all the work?"
-- Thomas, Richmond, Ky.

Baseball fans were definitely not happy that October wasn't atop the list. Here's one of the few arguments we could post on a family website:

"How can you put February up there? There is NO BASEBALL! You clearly have this slanted against the best sport, baseball."
-- Daniel, San Diego

A couple readers offered nonsports reasons as to why February shouldn't be considered the best sports month.

"February is a great time to put in time with girlfriends you've neglected, keeping in mind that it is the gap between [NFL] playoffs and March Madness."
-- Rob, State College, Pa.

"It's the reason why they put Valentine's Day in this month, so that you don't miss anything when you have to hang out with your significant other."
-- Doug, Santa Barbara, Calif.

The most compelling argument against February actually came from a football fan.

"How can the month that signals 'no [meaningful] football for you FOR HALF A YEAR' be considered the best??? Minutes after the Vince Lombardi Trophy shines its brightest, depression kicks in. Hardcore."
-- Fabiano, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Every month of the year was championed as the best in sports at least once among reader comments. Ultimately, your choice of best sports month probably depends on your favorite sport.

"Any month WITH college football automatically trumps any month WITHOUT college football. Therefore, the placement of June at number 10 is ridiculous. The only good thing about the NHL and NBA finals is that they're finally OVER."
-- William, Orlando, Fla.

With 479,001,600 ways to arrange the 12 months of the year, there clearly isn't a single order that will make every sports fan happy.