Shaquille O'Neal now known as Big Shamrock?

Tue, Aug 10

Shaquille O'Neal addressed the Boston media for the first time as a Celtic on Tuesday morning. After answering questions about chemistry (he believes the C's have it), winning championships (he wants another one) and whether this is the last stop in his storied career (he thinks it is), Shaq got to the information America really wants to know.

Like what nickname he's going to go by when he takes the court for Boston.

"So far I like the Big Shamrock," Shaq said. "But I might go with the Big Green Mile too. I'm not sure yet."

Coach Doc Rivers admitted he hasn't decided either.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to call him," Rivers said introducing the star. "The Big Leprechaun. The Green Monster. I've heard all these different things."

When it comes to O'Neal, there's one thing the newest Celtic doesn't want to hear: Boston accents in his house. After telling Vanity Fair last week that there would be consequences if his children started dropping their Rs, Shaq cleared the air.

"I told [my kids] that I would ground them because they're from Florida, they have to keep their Floridian accent," O'Neal explained. "I love [the Boston accent]. I think it's very, very sexy. At my house, you've got to understand that being grounded is like, 'Go downstairs and make me a sandwich' or something. You're grounded is not like, 'Go to your room.'"

And with the second season of "Shaq Vs." under way -- with an episode coincidentally set to air Tuesday night -- the newest Celtic revealed who we can expect to see as his first New England challenger: "It'll probably be me against Big Baby to see who can eat the most clam chowder."