New set of Obak cards look at game changers

Mon, Aug 16

After all these years, Cal Ripken Jr., Al Munro Elias, Henry John Heinz and Todd McFarlane finally have something in common.

They all appear in a set of baseball cards.

tristar obak cardsTodd McFarlane is part of a new trading card set.

At first glance, this year's edition of TRISTAR's Obak seems like your standard retro-styled card set -- it's modeled after a line of early 1900s tobacco cards of the same name and the cards look like they could have been pulled out of a pack of cigarettes years ago.

However, a closer look at the checklist offers a history lesson in the game not seen anywhere else -- and there's no tobacco (or even bubble gum) included.

While the Houston-based card company includes all-time greats like Ripken and Hank Greenberg along with a crop of promising minor league prospects, it's a crop of "game changers" in the set that will get collectors -- and probably other sports fans -- talking.

That means a card of Elias, the founder of what is now the Elias Sports Bureau, the official statistician for most pro sports leagues in the country. That means a card of Heinz -- yes, the ketchup magnate -- along with a mandatory card of Harry M. Stevens, who is believed to have introduced the hot dog to baseball.

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