Nenad Krstic is one of latest to punch and run

Fri, Aug 20
Nenad KrsticAP Photo/Icon, Yiannis LiakosNenad Krstic of Serbia throws a chair toward Greece's Yannis Bouroussis, who was not playing.

Congratulations, Nenad Krstic, for making it into a Hall of Shame!

Krstic threw a chair during a skirmish in a recent matchup between the Serbian and Greek national teams without breaking stride. Of course, he was headed to the locker room -- and away from the ruckus -- which was suckeriffic enough to earn him a spot on the Punch and Run All-Stars.

Page 2 doesn't condone fighting, but it really doesn't condone running from fights you started yourself. And with one bush league move, Krstic earned his place in the following dubious company.

Chan Ho Park. Some don't remember that Park gave up Barry Bonds' 71st home run. Why? Because he'll forever be "the dude that turned around and dropkicked Tim Belcher out of nowhere." That's much more shameful; at least Bonds seemed like a Hall of Famer.

Carmelo Anthony. 'Melo punched Mardy Collins, then did a backpedal that would make Champ Bailey proud. But rather than John Madden, Mitch "Blood" Green should have done color commentary.

John Green. A.K.A. The guy that threw a beer at Ron Artest in Auburn Hills, then threw Artest off the scent by guiding him toward an unsuspecting gentleman in a Cliff Huxtable-ish sweater. One coward changed basketball forever.

Bob Knight. Punching and running is one thing. Punching a cop and flying -- as in back to the United States, never to return for fear of an arrest warrant -- is downright filthy pool.

Joe Frazier. OK, it's debatable whether Frazier thought he was running or looking trying to answer the phone during his two-round, six-knockdown loss to George Foreman in 1973. But he punched, ran, and got caught. As it should be.