Here's things I'd tweet if I didn't hate tweeting

Wed, Sep 8

1. This will be arguably the most overmatched American team in Ryder Cup history: five rookies, only three players who've known the hell of a Euro Cup crowd and only one with a winning record (Hunter Mahan). Good luck with that.

2. I can't understand not picking J.B. Holmes, who's been a beast lately, who would've intimidated Euros with his Tolstoy length and who helped win the last Cup. Rickie Fowler? He has no idea what he's in for.

3. Bankrupt cyclist Floyd Landis has filed a whistle-blower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong's former team. Landis would get 30 percent of the money recovered by the government if it won. Landis is in this for the money? Who knew?

4. Question: When are the feds going to investigate Landis for soliciting around $1 million in donations to pay for a legal defense that he knew was a lie? Isn't that fraud?

5. From Andre Agassi on his rival, Pete Sampras, in New York City last week: "I think if Pete and I ever woke up one morning and found out we'd switch personalities, we'd both go back to bed."

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