Caddyshack 101 is actual class at Lynn University

Fri, Sep 17

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- History is old news. Physics has fizzled out. Math doesn't add up.

Oh, sure. There will always be room for traditional subjects throughout institutions of higher learning, but a visit to Lynn University shows some, ahem, alternative topics being addressed. Like movies. No, wait -- not movies. One movie. And it just happens to be the greatest cult classic golf comedy ever produced.

That's right. There's a course on "Caddyshack."

There are a few things you need to know, though, before sitting down in one of the comfy movie theater-style chairs surrounded by the off-white walls of de Hoernle Lecture Hall here in a city better known for migrating snowbirds than higher education. Even though Professor Ted Curtis' class is titled, "Caddyshack 101: Lessons from the Coolest Sports Movie Ever Made," there will be no pop quiz on how to eliminate gophers, no oral presentation reliving Carl Spackler's famous Dalai Lama speech, not even an essay question on the seductive ways of Lacey Underall.

Too bad, huh?

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