Miami's John Hornibrook talks about Gator Flop

Mon, Sep 27

One important voice was missing from Page 2's recent "Behind the Highlights" feature about the infamous Gator Flop game from 1971: Nobody knew where to find former Miami quarterback John Hornibrook, who scored the uncontested touchdown on the flop play.

But thanks to some help from one of Hornibrook's former housemates, Page 2 finally tracked down the elusive quarterback in Morehead City, N.C., where he's now in semi-retirement after a career in bar and restaurant management. Here's what he told me about the Gator Flop game:

Page 2: One thing I've asked everyone is this: Were you aware of Florida's John Reaves being close to the NCAA passing record, either in the week leading up to the game or during the game itself? Was that something you were thinking about?

John Hornibrook: I don't think we even discussed it. I don't really recall that. Actually, I wish I had known about it, because I wouldn't have run into the end zone [on the infamous flop play] if I'd known.

One thing the Florida players all told me was that your team was trying to run out the clock on that final drive, in order to keep the ball away from Reaves.

No, that's not what happened.

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