Albert Haynesworth, time to check yourself

Sat, Oct 2

In an interview with ESPN's Sara Walsh, Albert Haynesworth said he thought long and hard about whether to cash his $21 million bonus check from the Washington Redskins in March. "Yeah, check sat at my house for a couple of weeks before I cashed it," he said.

Like you, I have questions.

1. Is there no direct deposit in the NFL? A $21 million check sent with a 45 cent stamp? What could possibly go wrong?

2. Where did it sit? Where does a man keep $21 million in his home? Bury that thing in my backyard, and I'll dig it up and cash it by 5 p.m. I don't care if the clock says 4:59 and I'm driving on a suspended license. It takes days for a check like that to clear.

3. Should Haynesworth be an example to other pro athletes? Put it like this: if I bet Antoine Walker $21 million that he couldn't let that check sit for two weeks, who do you think would be rich when time came to settle up?

4. Is the 3-4 defense really that bad? Apparently, it's worse than the St. Louis Rams.

5. What does "Twenty-one million and xx/100" written below your name look like? Like it's time to put on the burgundy and gold.