No surprise as Tim Tebow voted having worst hair

Thu, Oct 21
Tim TebowRon Chenoy/US Presswire As an NFL rookie this summer, Tim Tebow was hazed and has now been honored by Page 2 readers.

What a battle, it was hair-to-hair all the way.

From the moment votes began clicking in for the "All-Time Worst Hair in Sports," it was obvious that the examples of really bad hair in sports are countless. We even had a high number of votes from outside the United States as soccer fans from New Hampshire to New Delhi nominated various players whose 'do's were actually don'ts.

Still, despite the wide variety of nominations, it was always a two-cut battle between a baseball player from the recent past and a football player from the here-and-now.

Randy Johnson -- your infamous mullet in the '90's with the Mariners was historic and you brought it back in wavy glory in Arizona but it's "retired" now. How quickly we forget as your mullet was barely beaten by a "hairstyle" that was brief but awful.

Tim Tebow, Denver monk.

Tebow had his head turned into a sickly gray dome with a fringe around it as part of a rookie hazing by other Denver Broncos. He was quickly allowed to shave it all off and then let his hair grow back -- but not before you saw it and apparently were scared forever.

• "If Tim Tebow as a monk is not No. 1, you might as well not even make this list," said Josh R., Boulder, of Colorado. Guess it was fortunate for us, then, that he is No. 1.

• "Hey, Tebow, Friar Tuck called and even he doesn't want that hair back," said Bryan H., of Torrance, Calif.

So we know who "won" but, in a sense, every name on this list is a "winner," because all could make you run screaming into the night. Here's the list:

Top 10 All-Time Worst Hair in Sports

1. Tim Tebow -- "Yikes. He looked like a plucked chicken," said Nik R., of New Delhi, India.

2. Randy Johnson -- "Stringy, greasy, just plain nasty. Hands down, the worst hair ever!" said Lisa A., of Benson, N.C.

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