Why are there no sports on 'Agents of Cracked?'

Sat, Oct 23

"Hey, we've been crunching these numbers and we're going to fire you because your job is absurd."

Every morning, Dan O'Brien prepares himself to hear those words.

As the senior writer for the humor site Cracked.com, he knows just how great his job is. O'Brien and Michael Swaim are the co-creators, writers and stars of the original web series Agents of Cracked.

The show follows their characters, coincidentally named Dan and Michael, as they go about their work for the website, albeit with more hijinks than their actual day to day responsibilities.

But O'Brien and Swaim don't need to look over their shoulders any more. The first season of Agents of Cracked recently took home a Streamy, the award for excellence in original web television programming. They won in the Audience Choice category and it's easy to see why. The first 13 episodes were viewed nearly 4 million times.

Cracked just launched Season 2, and Page 2 got a chance to talk with the co-everythings about their big award and the utter lack of sports in the series.

Just how much does that Streamy Award mean to you?

Swaim: "Regardless of the shape, it's heavy. And that's what I really wanted out of it. You want your awards to be nice and weighty, and you could definitely kill a man with a Streamy."

We can't help but notice there aren't any sports on Agents of Cracked. What gives?

O'Brien: "I played a lot of sports growing up, but I was terrible at all of them. I can remember six straight seasons in right field in particular."

Swaim: "Chess club and theatre were my sports. I had a doctor's note that got me out of P.E. and I rode that thing for years."