After 'DWTS', Rick Fox looking for U.S. citizenship

Fri, Nov 5

Former NBA star Rick Fox was eliminated earlier this week on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" but still has dreams about next week's dance step.

"I was mentally preparing to dance the foxtrot to a Coldplay song!" said the 6-foot-7 Fox, who played 13 years in the NBA. "I'm still shocked that I was eliminated. I had never been in the bottom two!"

Fox, who danced with Cheryl Burke for seven weeks, has some ideas why he got kicked off of the 11th season of the show. Only actress Jennifer Grey, singer Brandy, former NFL star Kurt Warner, activist Bristol Palin and Disney star Kyle Massey are the final five.

"Jennifer and Brandy are great dancers, so that's easy to see why they are still around," Fox said. "I know that Kyle gets the young vote, Bristol has her huge following and it's possible Kurt and I split the athletic vote. I know he wins in the 'number of kids' department. But I know I won all the 'tall' votes."

Now Fox will turn his attention to life after 'DWTS'.

"Last night, me and my girl (actress Eliza Dushku) went bowling," said Fox, who is looking at hosting a radio or TV talk show. "And I've had board-game nights with my kids. And I can sleep in."

And a big step for him is exploring citizenship. The 41-year-old Fox is a Canadian citizen, born in Toronto.

"I've lived more than half my life in this country and I still can't vote," he said. "My kids are talking about politics and I want that experience."