Page 2 isn't willing to spell Golden State with a D

Tue, Nov 9

Look at the Golden State Warriors, who are sitting pretty at 4-2. New head coach Keith Smart brought a revolutionary concept -- defense -- to Oakland, and one of the most passionate fan bases in the NBA now has a team that could make postseason noise.

As for the rest of us -- especially fans of the over -- Smart is a party pooper. No disrespect, but I don't care if the Warriors win or lose. I'm here for the show.

Nobody buys NBA League Pass to see the Warriors play defense. Golden State allowed the most points in the NBA in each of the past four seasons under Don Nelson, and I loved every minute of it. The first-round sweep of top-seeded Dallas in 2007 was the zenith for Golden State, but that didn't mean the other seasons weren't fun, too. Nellie's haphazard collection of shooters were unable to guard almost anyone.

So they didn't even try. Instead, they simply tried to outscore opponents, a philosophy that never leaves players and coaches satisfied, but never disappoints an objective viewer.

Now comes Smart, with his fundamentals and list of priorities that places winning over style. That must be welcome news if you're a neglected Warriors fan emerging from the mediocre fog of the Chris Cohan era.

Me? I just want something to watch in the middle of the night. Without the Warriors, I might have to check out this "Conan" remake I keep hearing about.