Readers: Mark Madsen's dance voted worst ever

Thu, Nov 18

Raise your hand if you remember when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship nearly a decade ago in 2001.

Whom do you remember the most?

Was it Kobe Bryant, who looked so incredibly young during the championship parade and celebration?


Was it Shaquille O'Neal, who commanded that celebrating crowd and looked so strong and physically fit?


It was Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen, who proved forever and beyond a doubt that white men shouldn't even try to dance.

And the memory of his effort must be burned into your eyeballs because Mad Dog ran away with first place in our call for votes to build our latest list: "Top 10 Best/Worst Dancers in Sports." And nobody who voted for him suggested his effort was the "best."

As far as your ire, other than Madsen, the person criticized the most was, uh, me. Apparently I offended a good number of you by suggesting the "John Wall Dance" was, in any way, related to the "Dougie" dance even though Wall, the NBA rookie guard from Kentucky, did do a version of the "Dougie" at the Washington Wizards' home opener.

"Jlane318" may have said it best when he accused me of being "culturally clueless." Perhaps so, but it did not stop the rest of you from building an outstanding list -- although there were far more votes for the worst than the best. So let's get to it with a comment on each dancer from one of you:

Top 10 Best/Worst Dancers in Sports

1. Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen -- "At the 2001 celebration, Madsen can't be said to have 'two left feet' because that would be too insulting to left feet everywhere," said Bill P. from Tualatin, Ore.

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