Great quotes about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning

Sun, Nov 21

We're a few hours away from the big game, so here's six great quotes about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady:

1. "When he's done, they'll compare everyone to Peyton Manning without a doubt."

-- Brandon Stokley, former Colts receiver

2. "He's as close to Joe as anyone I've ever seen."

-- Bill Walsh, comparing Tom Brady to Joe Montana

3. "Peyton Manning has rare talent, but chooses to push himself like he doesn't."

-- Tony Dungy, former Colts coach

4. "I don't know what it is he's got, but he's got it."

-- Ted Johnson, former Patriots linebacker, on Tom Brady

5. "Right now, just watch him. He's as close to a football God as there is."

-- Adewale Ogunleye, Houston Texans defensive end, on Peyton Manning

6. "Tom Brady is just the greatest. He's just so hard to play against."

-- Wade Phillips, former Cowboys coach

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