'Madden NFL 11,' 'NBA 2K11' favorite teams revealed

Mon, Nov 22

When it comes to NFL and NBA franchise popularity among sports video game players, Al Davis said it best.

"Just win, baby."

A Page 2 survey -- for pretentiousness' sake, call it a study -- comparing the most and least-played teams in "Madden NFL 11" and "NBA 2K11" to their real-life counterparts reveals the following:

• Sports gamers love winners. Of the 20 most-played teams in both games, 15 have winning records in real life.

• Gamers love teams that can help them win even more. While the majority of the most-played teams have top 10 in-game overall squad ratings, none of the least-played teams crack the ratings top 10.

• Real-life loser teams are popular under the following conditions: (a) They sport top 10 in-game ratings, such as Dallas and Minnesota in "Madden NFL 11"; (b) they feature rookie sensation John Wall, like Washington in "NBA 2K11"; (c) they have New York's population behind them (the Knicks). Conclusion? A Knicks team with a top 10 in-game rating featuring Wall might break the Internet.

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