Here's 5 great quotes about the Detroit Lions

Thu, Nov 25

When you think of all the great traditions of Thanksgiving, you think of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, pecan pie (why do I always think of food first), the Macy's Day Parade and, last but not least, the Detroit Lions. The Lions have been a staple on Thanksgiving for as long as I remember.

To honor this great holiday tradition, I thought it would be appropriate to find five great quotes about the Detroit Lions:

1. "I've never seen anybody break so many tackles. We thought he had silicone in his pants, the way we kept slipping off him."

-- Keith Mallard, on trying to tackle Lions running back Barry Sanders

2. "I never graduated from the University of Iowa, but I was only there for two terms -- Truman's and Eisenhower's."

-- Alex Karras, Lions defensive lineman and actor

3. "When Bobby said block, you blocked. When Bobby said, drink, you drank."

-- Yale Lary, on the leadership qualities of Lions Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Layne

4. "Munson hasn't done anything wrong. I'd bet my house on it."

-- Joe Schmidt, Lions Hall of Fame player and coach on Lions quarterback Bill Munson being asked to testify in a gambling inquiry

5. "It's probably time to find a replacement for Bobby Layne."

-- Jim Schwartz, Lions coach, on Matthew Stafford being the most highly touted Lions quarterback since Bobby Layne retired 51 years ago

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