VH1's 'Basketball Wives' returns with more drama

Wed, Dec 8

On Sunday, we welcome back the kind of heat in Miami that is found off the court.

It's the return of VH-1's "Basketball Wives," (8 p.m. ET) the show that hoops players love to hate (but secretly watch). The drama is over the top -- just the way it should be.

Page 2 chats with Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman -- the ex-wives of Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Anderson, respectively -- to get their take on this season's show, and have them give up a few juicy details. (One hint: You'll see one former NBA player in family therapy on the reality series.)

Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman
Eduardo Parra/WireImageShaunie O'Neal (left) and Tami Roman -- the ex-wives of Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Anderson -- return for another season of VH1's "Basketball Wives."

Shaunie O'Neal

What made you guys want to come back for another season?

It was such an immediate success that the network was like, "You guys have to do this. You have to come back," and all the girls were game. They enjoyed themselves the first season.

What shocked you the most about the reaction to that first season?

When people decided to label us all basketball wives or all wives of athletes as groupies and gold-diggers --that was very hurtful. Don't get me wrong, there are some, but there are some of us that nobody was intentionally going out there trying to find some athlete to get with or whatever. But there are those of us that do represent the non-gold-digger, non-groupie, don't-hang-out-in-this-crowd group of ladies. People talked about us on blogs like we were groupies. That bothered me.

You've become quite the business woman; you're Shaunie Incorporated now.

It's always been in me. When I met Shaquille, I worked at Fox in marketing, so I have always been creative. I've always had a bunch of ideas. But living in that lifestyle, you move from city to city, you find yourself in an arena all the time. I had kids and a husband that traveled a lot, and was gone most of the time, and you look around and you're starting it all over again. You know? But now that I'm divorced and I have time to focus on me, I'm able to focus so much more on all the ideas that I've had.

So you were spotted at a Lakers game recently. Does that mean you're still a big Lakers fan?

You know what? I'm from L.A., so I will always be a Lakers fan, let me just say that. Even when I couldn't say I was still a Lakers fan, I was always a Lakers fan! But, no, I was actually at the game because I had a meeting with Jeanie Buss, and all of Jeanie Buss' meetings end up going to a Lakers game, which is fine with me! No complaints there! So, yeah, Jeanie, she's a sweetheart and we've remained friends and all that through all these years, so I had a meeting with her and what better place than a Lakers game? That is a meeting. Lakers games are business meetings.

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