What's it like on top of Metrodome? I'll tell you

Mon, Dec 13

I was surprised to hear the Metrodome roof collapsed this weekend … and relieved that it didn't happen when I was bouncing on top of it last year.

What's the Metrodome roof like? It's like very tough canvas, very resilient and very, very bouncy. I felt like Neil Armstrong bouncing along the surface of the moon. Or perhaps like a kid playing in the world's largest and best bouncy house. I joked at the time that the Twins and Vikings should sell tickets to fans to bounce on the roof, though perhaps that doesn't seem like such a good idea now.

I'm surprised it tore Saturday, though. A couple of days after the Twins won the 1991 World Series, nearly three feet of snow fell on the Twin Cities in the famous Halloween blizzard -- the team landed midway through the blizzard after visiting the White House that day -- and the roof held up fine. But apparently the winds were bad enough Saturday that, even with less snow, the roof couldn't handle it.

I just hope it isn't something I did.