Help us with 'Top Ten Resolutions In Sports'

Mon, Dec 27

"I resolve … "

Who started this, anyway? I've read that 52 percent of those who make New Year's Eve resolutions actually expect to keep them. Right. I've also read that 12 percent are successful.

Who are these 12 percent supermen and superwomen? I don't know any. The last time I carried out a New Year's Eve resolution was at the start of 1986 when I resolved to gain 30 pounds.

Piece of cake.

But what about everyone involved in the world of sports? That's what we want from you -- suggestions to be used in this week's predictable list: "Top Ten 2011 New Year's Eve Resolutions In Sports."

That means the resolutions can be intended for anyone or anything. You may suggest a resolution for yourself or an athlete or a team or a league or your multi-media global sports entertainment leader.

Same rules as all of this year's lists -- send your entries to and include your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Give us one or more resolutions. We will choose the elite for our top ten list -- and remember we are trying to be humorous here.

Yes, I'm sure some of you will have resolutions about trying to be funny myself but you're too late -- my boss already made that suggestion.

Besides, I've already made a resolution for 2011 -- I will be less superstitious.

Knock on wood.

I need much more from you by no later than noon Wednesday. The list will be here Thursday in plenty of time for us to pass the word around about who you think needs to promise themselves some kind of significant change.

And I'm guessing Brett Favre will be on the list.