Oregon, Auburn get Blackout's sports anthem

Tue, Dec 28

If you live in Oregon or Alabama and listen to the radio, there's a good chance you've heard "We Goin' 2 Da Ship" by Blackout. It's a hip hop song -- with a kinetic beat and chant reminiscent of 69 Boyz' "Tootsee Roll" -- written by J. Stylz and produced by B-Rock (of B-Rock and The Biz fame, the guys that gave us the ghetto classic "My Baby Daddy"). They recorded two separate versions for Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers fans (Auburn's hasn't made it to YouTube yet) and, like any catchy song made for championship drives, it's turning into a rallying cry.

"The fans of the teams have been saying they like it so much because it's not like the normal 'We Will Rock You' songs or the teams' songs," B-Rock said. "Rythmically, they can dance to it and the lyrics are tailored to players on the actual team right now, too, so it's current."

Since 2008, Blackout has customized "We Goin' 2 Da 'Ship" for about a dozen teams (not all reach the championship), getting the most radio play for the 2008 Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys and the 2009 Oklahoma Sooners, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Orlando Magic. The Magic even played the song at the arena during its failed championship run. The song reached Top 20 and Top 10 spin status on Oklahoma City and Orlando radio stations over the past couple of years. Folks dig it.

B-Rock, raised in Mobile, Ala. (but based in Atlanta), is a Crimson Tide and Dallas Cowboys fanatic and Stylz is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers guy, so they won't be getting down to their song this year. But they're already eyeing the possible NFL suspects. Maybe Eagles and Pats? Falcons and Ravens?

"We're trying to turn it into a franchise," B-Rock said. "We've done so many of them, but not for every team. We want fans for every team going to the championship to have a song to rock to."