NFL players beginning to embrace long hair

Thu, Dec 30
NFL HairGetty ImagesThe long-hair culture is alive and well in the NFL.

A few weeks ago, Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was whistled for an illegal horse-collar tackle of Cowboys running back Marion Barber. Thing is, replays showed that Suh grabbed Barber not by the back of his collar, but by his dreadlocks -- a totally legal action. Of course, it wasn't the first time a guy had been tackled by his tuft. The fact that more players aren't snagged by their shocks is, well, shocking -- especially when you consider the sheer volume of hair in the league.

Pay close attention to your big screen on Sunday afternoons and you will notice linebackers, wide receivers, offensive linemen -- they've all gone long. Even Tom Brady, the erstwhile King of Clean-Cut, is steering clear of the shears. In today's NFL, hair is becoming a part of a football player's uniform, like pads and cleats.

Approximately 180 active pros boast locks that are at least shoulder-length. The NFC North, not surprisingly, boasts more long-haired players (29) than any other division.

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