Who will flop in NFL playoffs? We want to know

Mon, Jan 3

OK, we have our NFL Playoff "Dirty Dozen." In about a month, one team will be basking in Super Bowl glory while their fans sing "We Are the Champions" and probably tip over a few cars, especially if they're from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

But the other 11 will feel like failures as there is no prize for second place. Some will fail spectacularly. Some poor player will earn a spot in the Infamy Hall of Shame, right next to Scott Norwood. And that's what we want from you -- a prediction on whose name will cause a gagging sound once these 2010-11 playoffs are over.

In other words, who is going to choke big time?

You send me the names that will be part of our first list of the new year: "Top Ten Most Likely Playoff Flops." Besides naming the potential chokers, you must provide a caustic comment about why they seem set for failure. Send your best shots to osogreene@aol.com and include your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

Kickers are a good bet. Poor Scott Norwood must spend every January in seclusion to avoid being asked to relive the 47-yard field goal that he failed to put between the goal post uprights at the end of Super Bowl XXV -- giving glory to the New York Giants and seemingly cursing the Buffalo Bills forever.

Ah, good times. We could go on but that's not the point. Why hound the guys that choked in the past when we know there will be fresh guys choking in the upcoming weeks? Who is it going to be? Who should make our list of "Top Ten Most Likely Playoff Flops?"

Send the answers to osogreene@aol.com by noon Wednesday and look for the list here Thursday.