North Carolina's 'Blue Steel' adds to sports pranks

Thu, Jan 6

A group of North Carolina basketball walk-ons who call themselves "Blue Steel" (seemingly after the famed Derek Zoolander pose; that is their Twitter wallpaper, after all) has made its entrance onto the sports prank scene.

The alliance -- which, in their video consists of reserves Daniel Bolick, Stuart Cooper, Patrick Crouch, D.J. Johnston and one other co-conspirator we couldn't see -- covered teammate John Henson's SUV in 2,400 sticky notes, according to them, then posted the video evidence here.

The Steelsters join a long-honored tradition of practical jokes in sports:

• The Phillies broke the news to Kyle Kendrick that he had been traded to Japan.

• Phoenix Suns teammate Louis Amundson filled Shaquille O'Neal's van with packing peanuts.

• This season, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley got to know new quarterback Donovan McNabb by hiding a small child in his locker.

• One of the most notorious pranks ended badly when a former Denver Nuggets ball boy filled Kenyon Martin's car with buttered popcorn, prompting Martin to threaten, "I'm going to put my hands on whoever did it. You better believe that."

Blue Steel got off easier. Henson just took to Twitter to declare "revenge will be sweet. JUSTTTTT WAITTTT."