Unclear what Auburn, Oregon will wear Monday

Mon, Jan 10

The BCS title game will finally take place Monday, and we all know which uniforms the two teams will be wearing: Oregon will be have their new uni design that was unveiled last month, and Auburn will be wearing the same basic uniform they've been wearing forever. Simple as that.

Or is it?

Let's start with Auburn. There hadn't been any question about what they'd be wearing until this Under Armour commercial began airing last Wednesday:

Spot anything unusual in that ad? Give yourself a gold star if you noticed the slight change to the Auburn pants striping (which has been unchanged for over 40 years). The new stripe pattern also showed up a few days later at the Under Armour truck just down the street from the stadium where Monday's game will be played. No big deal? Try telling that to Auburn fans, who view even the slightest uniform tweak as an occasion for cardiac arrest.

As for Oregon, lots of people, myself included, were surprised that the Ducks chose to go with a white-over-white design for the big game. But an Oregon TV station aired a report a few days ago that showed a Ducks mannequin wearing the new jersey with black pants, not white (which looks like an improvement). And then Nike issued an ad showing the jersey paired with gray pants (even better). So at this point, it isn't clear what the Ducks will be wearing -- which is probably just the way they like it.