A lot's changed since New York Jets were Super

Mon, Jan 17
Joe NamathMalcolm Emmons/US PresswireIt's been a little while since the Jets made it back to the Super Bowl.

With just one more win this Sunday, the Jets will be back in the Super Bowl for the first time since Jan. 12, 1969. How long has it been? It's been so long that:

• Brett Favre hadn't been born yet.

• People actually knew what the Roman numerals meant in "Super Bowl III." (Seriously ... XLV?)

• The New York Jets actually played in New York back then.

• No one yet knew that two miracles were about to occur: the Mets would win the World Series and a man would walk on the moon.

• The only Manning anyone had heard of was Archie.

• The Colts (the Jets' first 2011 playoff victim) have changed conferences and cities since being the Jets' Super Bowl foe in '69.

• The first "True Grit" hadn't been released yet.