Spinning off Kim Clijsters, tennis cell phone slips

Fri, Jan 21

They might not be Tiger Woods or Brett Favre, but tennis players have committed the odd cell phone or text message faux pas. Two recent ones head the top five:

1. Agassi's peep show

This incident has been making the rounds as a curiosity item for the past couple of weeks. While in Taiwan to play an exhibition event, Andre Agassi took part in a charity auction. Holding up an autographed plate, he told bidders, "You pay more than $4,000 and I will show a picture of my wife on the phone, naked."

The businessman who won the auction got a peek at a photo on Agassi's phone, which he later said showed the back of a blonde woman.

Agassi later said his wife, fellow tennis great Steffi Graf, hadn't been upset by the incident. "Everybody's pretty relaxed," he said, speaking to the press after being announced as a Hall of Fame inductee on Thursday.

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