Timberwolves PR staff: Kevin Love is in the air

Fri, Jan 28

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Timberwolves hope that the key to the Western Conference coaches' All-Star vote is through their noses.

Introducing "Numb#rs," the new fragrance by Kevin Love.

On the same day the NBA announced the starters for the All-Star Game next month, the Wolves' public relations department unveiled its campaign to convince the coaches to vote their star into the game as a reserve.

A box was mailed to all Western Conference coaches that includes a bottle of "Numb#rs" cologne, a DVD with a 30-second commercial for the product that spoofs an ultra-serious fragrance ad, an advertisement that includes Love and a local model dressed to the nines and a list of his accomplishments on the back, and a bottle of face lotion just for good measure.

"It's all in good fun," Love said Thursday after practice. "You never try to take yourself too seriously. If you can have fun with yourself it's a good part of your life."

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